Make Money Watching Videos Online – Get Paid to Watch TV! For Reals!?

Can you really get paid to watch TV online? Is this legit? How is it possible to make money watching videos online? Seems, like everybody would jump right on this! Well…let me show you how, watch my video below and see how it works.

In my video (as seen above) I tried watching paid video content from SwagBucks and YES! It is legit! And it is not just watching a bunch of video ads, but there are news videos on all kinds of topics such as entertainment, sports and general everyday news. The problem is that you’re not going to make a whole lot of money from this. Typically, you’re be making less than $1/hr. Though, you can just let these videos play all day and just go on about doing other things while making money passively in the background.

See screenshot below of inside my SwagBuck’s Dashboard showing Get Paid to Watch Videos:

make money watching videos

You’re probably already letting videos play all day anyways. Might as well make some money by letting random news videos play all day.

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